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Jaama puts fleets on the road to safety with all-new one-stop risk management website

1 August 2006

A new information-packed best practice website that also specifically answers your personal questions has been launched by management and fleet software experts Jaama,  www.key2RoadSafety.co.uk - is a one-stop shop of advice relating to vehicles, drivers and business journeys.

The simple click through menu directs users to best practice information and provides a check list of actions, while you can get your fleet-specific questions answered by Jaama’s team of health and safety experts after registering on the site.

Phase one of the website has now gone live and phase two of the development will see the raft of information extended to include advice relating to commercial vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes. Additionally, the content will continue to be updated with weekly news feeds and case studies and enhanced when new data, information and legislation is published, for example the recently announced Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide.