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Poll shows that 20 mph limits are popular

15 August 2011

In a poll of some 4000 people, RoadSafe member IAM has shows thatsixty-seven per cent of people think that 20mph zones should be used outside schools  

The research shows that a further 38 per cent think that they should be used on roads with amenities such as parks and shops, but only a quarter would like to see them made the default speed limit in all built-up areas. Forty-three per cent of people would like the road outside their house to have a 20mph speed limit, but opinion is split here as 39 per cent wouldn’t.

Forty per cent of people think that this speed limit is best enforced by speed limit signs, leaving the police to enforce the limit and the public to comply. Measures to physically slow people down are less popular, with only 20 per cent in favour of safety cameras, and 21 per cent supporting a combination of measures including road humps and cameras. Respondents felt that enforcing the limit in 20mph zones should be of medium priority compared to other road policing duties.

More views on 20mph are available from 20's Plenty  

DfT's Advisory Note is also available here.

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