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Scottish Safety Camera Statistics prove success

17 August 2011

Now available through the Road Safety Knowledge Centre are the  Key Scottish Safety Camera Programme Statistics 2010.

This report presents key statistics relating to the activity of the Scottish Safety Camera Programme for the calendar year 2010.

The two main objectives of the Scottish Safety Camera Programme are to reduce the number of people killed or injured on Scotland's roads through targeted camera enforcement at sites that meet criteria in force at the time they are established' and; to engender a culture of speed limit and red traffic signal compliance by providing a visible and effective deterrent.

Key findings are:
• The number of people killed or seriously injured at safety camera sites is 63% lower after camera enforcement. The number of personal injury accidents at safety camera sites is 47% lower after enforcement.
• Average speeds and the number of people exceeding the speed limit at safety camera sites are generally lower following a period of enforcement.
• The number of people issued with a fixed penalty after being caught exceeding the speed limit or running a red-light at a safety camera site has halved in the last four years' and reduced by over 60% in the past six years.

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