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New Scard / Cadd safe driver contract launched today

1 August 2006

SCARD and CADD are national charities who work within a joint directive. They are both dedicated to helping people who have been bereaved or injured by drivers breaking the law on our roads.

It the intention of the SCARD / CADD to ask new drivers to sign a contract- Driver Promise. The contract to be signed by the driver and witnessed by someone who cares for them, and it contains ten key points to safe driving. By signing the form, the new driver is promising you that they will always drive safely and within the law. It costs nothing, but it may just give you a little peace of mind when the big day comes.”

As well as getting new drivers to sign the safe driving promise, SCARD & CADD are working toward the goal of getting every driver in the United Kingdom to sign a driver promise contract by 2010.The public can download a copy of the Safe Driver Promise contract from the SCARD and CADD website at www.scard.org.uk or www.cadd.org.uk. Just print it off and ask the driver to sign it, witness it and then keep it in a safe place. We hope that having signed a pledge to drive carefully, the driver will think twice before taking unnecessary risks and putting themselves and others in danger. For further information, please contact Carole, Rob or Christine on: