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Vision Zero on the agenda again

20 March 2012

 The PACTS conference Aiming for Zero  to discuss a Declaration:

This conference recognises the significant falls in death and injury on Great Britain’s roads that have been achieved since 1987. It further acknowledges the contribution that a combination of target-setting and an overriding strategy and action plan has made to the achievement of these reductions.
However, it also notes the continuing pain and suffering that are caused by the current levels of road casualties. It believes that even these lower levels are not acceptable in a modern society.

It notes the progress towards the elimination of deaths that has been achieved through the adoption of a safe systems approach in the Swedish Vision Zero and the Dutch Sustainable Safety. It believes that Great Britain’s approach to road safety over the next decade needs to be informed by a similar ethical approach that where road deaths are preventable and where the means to prevent them are identified and cost-effective, society has a moral and economic responsibility to act for the public benefit. Good safety management places an obligation on those in authority to manage risks and prevent needless incidents and casualties.

It therefore calls on Her Majesty’s Government to acknowledge its responsibility to minimise risk in the road transport system and, in partnership with road safety professionals, researchers and road users, to develop a British version of Vision Zero based on the principles above.

In 1994 The Vision Zero became the new Swedish approach to road safety thinking. It can be summarised in one sentence: No loss of life is acceptable.

The vision is shared by many businesses in Sweden and indeed across the world.  Driving for Better Business Champion Balfour Beatty operates a 'Zero Harm' policy.

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