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IAM poll shows unanimous support for new driving offence

10 June 2012

A new poll by RoadSafe partner the IAM, shows that 94% of drivers support the new driving offence causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

Currently when someone drives recklessly and causes very serious injury as a result, they are often charged with dangerous driving. While this is a serious crime with a heavy penalty, it doesn’t take into account the severity of the outcome. This new law would reflect driver recklessness that causes life changing injuries, with even tougher penalties attached.

IAM chief executive Simon Best said, “People want to see tougher penalties to deal with situations where the victim of a road accident is seriously injured. But the government needs to ensure that punishments for dangerous driving accurately reflect the severity of the offences committed.

“It may seem shocking that enforcement is a greater deterrent to poor driving, than the risk of causing death of injury, but just as seeing police on the beat reduces crime, highly visible traffic cops reduce bad driving. Therefore any change in law needs to be supported by well resourced enforcement on our roads.”

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