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Parents of Young Drivers to Set Top Speed

24 November 2012

 New Ford Fiesta Debuts MyKey in Europe; Enables Parents of Young Drivers to Set Top Speed and Limit Audio Volume

•New Ford Fiesta in Europe debuts industry-first MyKey technology in the region; enables parents to place certain restrictions on young drivers to promote safer driving

•New Fiesta with MyKey owners will be able to limit top speed, reduce maximum audio volume, and override deactivation of driver assistance and safety technology

•European drivers under the age of 25 are up to twice as likely to be involved in a fatal accident*

•Ford survey of the parents of young drivers reveals almost half say top concern is speeding; and more than half would be more likely to allow a teenager to drive if the vehicle were equipped with MyKey**

The new Ford Fiesta will be the first car in Europe to feature Ford’s MyKey technology, which enables parents to place restrictions on younger drivers to promote safety.