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National Speed Awareness course produces positive changes

29 January 2013

Recent research from Brainbox Research Ltd (on behalf of ACPO) provides crucial evidence on the longer term effectiveness of Speed Awareness Courses.

The research provides evidence that the National Speed Awareness course produces positive changes in attitudes with drivers perceiving fewer advantages and more disadvantages of speeding. The course makes it easier for clients to identify the speed limit for the area in which they are travelling and produces greater
intentions to drive within the speed limit in the future.

Previous research for the Department for Transport (Stephenson et al., 2010) showed that clients who were not offered a course did not show these increases. These changes are maintained at follow-up, indicating that the course provides clients with continued

The course produces approximately the same effects in males as in females with the exception of beliefs about how bad speeding is. It helps males to "catch up" with females so that they view speeding in urban areas as just as bad as females do.

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