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'Stepping Out' launched to mark UN Road Safety Week

13 May 2013

Pedestrian safety measures should look for separate solutions for adults and children, according to Stepping Out, a new report for PACTS (Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety), launched  to mark UN Road Safety Week, which focuses global attention on pedestrians. 

The report found that:

  • The total number of reported pedestrians killed or seriously injured on GB roads fell from 19,035 in 1980 to 5,605 in 2010.
  • Recently, pedestrian deaths or serious injuries have plateaued at 22.9% in 2010, versus 22.4% in 1980.
  •  But 2011 saw a 5% increase in pedestrians killed or seriously injured, including a 12% increase in pedestrian deaths.

Commenting on the Stepping Out report, PACTS executive director David Davies says, “A worrying finding of this report is that there seems to have been little progress in pedestrian casualty reduction over the past three to four years. The final casualty data for 2012 (due in late June 2013) will be an important indicator".

He added, “We need to design our roads and streets around people, acknowledging the realities of human behaviour. All road users have responsibilities but temporary lapses of attention should not be punished by death or serious injury. This report provides evidence rather than recommendations that should be considered carefully by all road safety stakeholders.”

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