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IRTAD publishes 2013 Road Safety Annual Report

24 June 2013

The International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group has published its 2013 Annual Road Safety Report.

IRTAD is a permanent working group of the Joint Transport Research Centre of the OECD and the International Transport Forum. It is composed of road safety experts and statisticians from renowned safety research institutes, national road and transport administrations, international organisations, universities, automobile associations, the automobile industry, and others from OECD and non-OECD countries. Its main objectives are to contribute to international co-operation on safety data and its analysis. The objectives of the IRTAD Group are to:

  • Be a forum of exchange on road safety data collection and reporting systems, and on trends in road safety policies.
  • Collect accident data and conduct data analysis to contribute to the work of the ITF/OECD, as well as to provide advice on specific road safety issues.
  • Contribute to international co-operation on road accident data and its analysis.

Currently, more than 70 organisations from 34 countries are members of IRTAD - representing a wide range of public and private bodies with a direct interest in road safety (see list of members at the end of the report).

The ambition of IRTAD is to include new countries and to build and maintain a high-quality database on road safety information. IRTAD offers a mechanism for the integration of prospective member countries while assisting with improvement of road safety data collection systems, where needed. The IRTAD Group co-operate with the World Bank’s Global Road Safety Facility and the Interamerican Development Bank to involve low- and middle-income countries in the work of the Group.

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