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UK Road Safety Summit

6 February 2014

27th March 2014 London.

This conference being organised by PACTS will engage key stakeholders in open and practical debate about the future of UK road safety policy and practice, the common and the different challenges across the UK and the diversity in road safety policy which has developed in the past few years. Key topics include:

  • Road safety policy in the UK: Government perspectives
  • Engineering, education, and enforcement – the post-2015 landscape
  • From the European to the local: Delivery at each level
  • How to make road safety a priority for the next government

The governments and devolved administrations will outline the lessons learned and challenges for the future. Parliamentarians, ACPO, Motorcycle Action Group, Motoring Groups and others together with independent experts will discuss the challenges for their sectors.

In the run up to parliamentary elections in Europe and all parts of the UK, current road safety plans and programmes are nearing completion or being wound up; the DfT for instance has already issued a Final Progress Update on its road safety action plan.

Booking and more information here.

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