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Quarterly Provisional Casualty Estimates

6 February 2014

 The key findings from the Quarterly Provisional Estimates Q3 2013 include:

  • For reported road accidents in the year ending September 2013: 1,730 people were killed, a 2 per cent drop from 1,761 in the year ending September 2012. The number of killed or seriously injured casualties fell to 23,380, a 6 per cent decrease compared with the previous year.
  • For the year ending September 2013, there were 184,010 reported road casualties of all severities, 7 per cent fewer than the 197,700 for the year ending September 2012.
  • Total reported child casualties of all severities fell by 11 per cent to 15,730 for the year ending September 2013 compared with the previous year, with those killed or seriously injured down 15 per cent to 1,990.
  • Motor vehicle traffic levels rose by 1.1 per cent compared with the 12 month period ending September 2012. In comparison, the casualty rate per billion vehicle miles decreased by 7 per cent for the same period.
  •  Between July and September 2013 (the latest available quarter), 470 people were killed in reported road accidents, unchanged from the same period for 2012. Serious and slightly injured casualties fell by 3 and 4 per cent respectively.
  • These figures resulted in an overall decrease in casualties of 3 per cent.

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