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Driving Business Safely

15 May 2014

Driving Business Safely is a Kent based campaign “for the common goal of safety”. Running since 2006, the campaign offers an online resource and a four hour workshop.

Explaining the workshops to Chaucer Direct, Katherine of KMSCP  said, “ These involve five to ten businesses. We give a presentation about their obligations, emphasising the human, legal and causation factors tied to crashes. We then ask attendants to consider what they would include in a policy and how they would manage and audit it all. There are three clear sections: driver, vehicle and journey. As 75-95% of the time crashes are a result of human error, educating the drivers is something we put heavy emphasis on”

Adrian Walsh, Director of the Driving for Better Business campaign, says “it is for businesses to understand that when the business starts to take measures for road safety, it becomes much more efficient. There are reductions in crashes, drivers behave better, and there is better fuel efficiency and happier staff”. Not only does Walsh assign revised driver policies to preventing crashes, he remarks that “equally, if you do crash, you are much better placed to deal with it”.

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