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47th CIECA Congress 2015: call for papers

8 October 2014

The Assembly and Congress hosted by VdTÜV and DVR will be held in the Leonardo Royal Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz which is situated in the Berlin City Centre.

With the motto "Acting for the future" CIECA underlines the importance of discussions about personal resources for safe driving and lifelong learning in traffic to think ahead about new proposals for the near future. Results and conclusions of different projects initiated by the European Commission give an insight into further possibilities for building up competences for safe driving.

Abstracts are invited from potential speakers to explore and review questions such as:

  • Why are personal resources important for traffic safety?
  • Do personal resources differ in stability?
  • What are the deficient resources which might support risky behaviour while driving?
  • How resistant to change are drivers with deficient personal resources?
  • How is it possible to assess personal resources?
  • How is it possible to identify deficient resources?
  • Which additional positive resources might support safe driving?

Please note that the deadline for the submission of the abstracts is 30th November 2014.

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