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Aidan Reid becomes becomes new TISPOL president

8 October 2014

Aidan Reid's appointment comes at a time when Ireland has achieved an overall reduction of 52% in road fatalities between 2005 and 2013. Dublin has also achieved the safest roads of all EU capital cities.

He paid tribute to the loyalty and hard work of his precedessor, Koen Ricour of Belgium. "Koen has been at the TISPOL helm through some challenging times recently, and we know how much effort and energy he has put into the task. I am committed to following his example, and to ensuring that TISPOL's life-saving work goes from strength to strength."

Aidan Reid's appointment follows last week's TISPOL Conference in Manchester which was hailed by delegates and exhibitors alike as a great success. The excellent line-up of speakers delivered presentations on topics ranging from rapid extrication of road collision casualties through to eyesight tests for seniors, and from smart tachographs to driver distractions

Conference chair Rob Gifford offered a number of areas for reflection as he summarised what he felt the Conference had achieved:

  • TISPOL has a key role in ensuring an effective advocacy for roads policing across the EU and beyond.
  • Older people are an asset, not a liability.
  • Every citizen in the EU and beyond has a right to safety and mobility. We mustn’t lose one for the benefit of the other.
  • Impairment and distraction are key issues for road safety.
  • Campaigning, partnership and communications are critical to long-term success.

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