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New energy absorbing Frontal Protection Systems (FPS) for SUVs and vans will save lives and reduce injuries

1 July 2006

New energy absorbing plastic fronts for SUVs and vans will save lives and reduce serious injuries to vulnerable road users according to Concept Mouldings, a leading, UK based automotive parts supplier.

More than 900 UK and 12,000 European pedestrians and cyclists are killed every year and more than 9,000 and 290,000 respectively are seriously injured according to latest statistics produced by the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory (TRL).

Testing of Concept’s Mouldings revolutionary new plastic frontal protection system has been carried out at MIRA, one of Europe’s leading vehicle design, development and certification centres. The tests showed the frontal protection system reduced the risk of head injuries from over 99 per cent in the worst case down to less than 2 per cent and also substantially reduced the potential for injuries to the upper leg, abdomen and pelvis. Head injuries from the fronts of vehicles are typically incurred by children and these often prove to be fatal. Details of the results and information on this development in pedestrian safety are available on www.frontalprotectionsystems.eu.  paul@lmmc.co.uk.