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Child Safety Week in UK

4 June 2015

 More than half of serious road accidents to children occur between 3pm and 7pm, according to the *Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT).

CAPT says the peak in child road deaths and injuries is linked to the after-school rush, and that there are more serious and fatal injuries to school-age pedestrians in the afternoon and early evening than at any other time of day. CAPT also says children are more than twice as likely to suffer a serious burn between 3pm and 6pm as they are during the morning.

The findings were published at the launch of Child Safety Week 2015 (1-7 June), a national campaign run by CAPT to make families aware of the serious accident risks to children and the simple steps they can take to prevent them.

As explained on The Road Safety Observatory  child pedestrians from poorer households are five times more likely to be killed or seriously injured in road traffic incidents than their richer counterparts.

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