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RoSPA Road Safety Congress 2007

1 July 2006

26-28 February 2007, Holiday Inn, Stratford Upon Avon

Road safety education throughout childhood and adulthood is indispensable if we are to improve behaviour on the road, and thereby reduce deaths and injuries.

An enormous effort is devoted to providing road safety education, much (but not all) of which takes place in schools. But there are gaps in the provision of road safety education in schools, and even more outside of this arena, and there is relatively little provision for adults, except driver and motorcyclist training. Children and young people receive informal ‘education’ throughout their formative periods, often from the examples set by their parents, other adults and in the media.

Call for Papers

Papers on road safety ETP initiatives are invited for the topics shown below and other relevant issues. Presentations that illustrate effective interventions and practical case studies (inside or outside the UK) will be particularly welcome, as will practical lessons from research studies. More details on the ROSPA website