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Conservatives launch proposals to tackle congestion

1 June 2006

The Conservative Party has launched proposals to help reduce traffic congestion in the UK. The Party’s Economic Competitiveness Policy Group claims that its proposals will improve the transport system and help the UK to become more competitive. Chairman of the policy group, John Redwood, outlined that the idea was to produce a ‘greener, cleaner, safer’ road system in Britain and that an important emphasis should be placed on the use of junctions. Proposals include drivers being able to turn left at red lights; the development of new carriages and underpasses; and the improvement/widening of cycle paths. The proposals were met with some concern by the RAC Foundation and Andrew Evans, Professor of Transport Risk Management at Imperial College. However, Mr Redwood was keen to stress that the proposals did not represent party policy and were merely ‘interim thinking’ on transport policy.

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