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Scottish Health and Safety Action Plan

16 May 2007

A SCOTTISH ACTION PLAN ON HEALTH & SAFETY was published by the Scottish Executive on 29th March, committing £1.2 million to improve the health and safety of Scottish workers.

(The plan may be downloaded from http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Publications/2007/03/28112728/0

The plan contains the following commitment on occupational road risk:

10. Occupational Road Risk

It is estimated that approximately 100 people die each year on Scotland's roads whilst going about their work, a figure that is roughly three times greater than quoted figures for accidental deaths occurring in the workplace.

Many people are required to drive as part of their jobs; ranging from those who are vocational drivers such as bus or HGV drivers, though to the vast majority of people for whom driving is an essential enabling activity for their actual responsibilities. Whilst a legislative framework is in place that includes the management of occupational road risk (MORR) within the overall health and safety responsibilities, there is scope to provide greater support and encouragement to employers in this area.

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