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26 June 2007

Malaysia opens new road safety institute – In January this year Malaysia formally established a new road safety institute - MIROS (the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety). Through conducting research, MIROS will generate and disseminate road safety information widely, as well as conducting an active training programme. Included in their research agenda are studies to establish cost effective road safety interventions to enhance the current road safety level nationally and internationally. The organization will be headed by Professor Dr. Ir Radin Umar as Foundation Director General. For more information please see: www.miros.gov.my

A Global Fleet Safety Benchmarking Workshop was held in Bangkok on 21-22 March 2007. The workshop was organized by Benchmarking Partnerships and the ARRB Group, and involved over 50 participants from a range of governmental and private sector organisations. Through an exchange of knowledge, experience and expertise the participants examined practices that can be implemented to manage work-related road safety. It also explored the ways that organisations can interact with the community to reduce road related injury risk. For more information see: www.benchmarkingpartnerships.com.au