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Peak Protection for Motorcyclists

11 July 2007

BikeGuard, a continuous barrier attachment specifically designed to offer protection to motorcyclists, has recently been installed on one of the most hazardous stretches of road in England for motorcyclists.  Highway Care have supplied and fitted the barrier attachment on A537 Cat & Fiddle road in the Peak District National Park .  The Cat & Fiddle Bank was chosen by Cheshire County Council as a prime site needing this preventative measure against motorcyclists suffering high severity injuries from impacting the support posts on the existing safety barrier. 

The A537 has amazing views of the surrounding countryside and is therefore used by many bikers. 

However, this road contains numerous sweeping bends, hills and dips which present a hazard to motorcyclists riding at higher speeds.  With BikeGuard in place, a fallen biker will now be redirected along the smooth continuous surface of the barrier and no longer be highly vulnerable to severe injury or worse from contact with vertical barrier posts.  This system is approved for use in the UK by its inclusion on the HA list of Approved Road Restraint Systems. 

For more infomation visit: www.highwaycare.co.uk