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Pedestrian Safety in Europe

5 February 2008

Europe’s roads must be made safer for pedestrians, a new FIA Foundation backed study has shown.

The EuroTest survey of 10 European countries reveals that more action is needed to reduce deaths particularly on pedestrian crossings.

Norway has the worst record in terms of the safety of its pedestrian crossings with 3.7 deaths per million. It is followed by Italy (3.4) and Switzerland (3.0). 

Overall, Spain has the highest rate of pedestrian fatalities with 15.7 deaths per million. Italy and the UK are next (11.5 deaths/million) followed by Austria (10.9) and Belgium (10.3).

The study indicates that the safest roads for pedestrians are to be found in the Netherlands . Here, there are only 0.6 fatalities per million on pedestrian crossings and 4.0 per million on other parts of the road.

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