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RoadSafe backs Government Plans to Establish At-Work Driving Qualifications

9 May 2008

Government proposals to develop qualifications for at-work drivers have been welcomed by RoadSafe, the organisation that is at the centre of promoting occupational road risk management to British business.

Although, this week’s Department for Transport’s proposals to reform the way people learn to drive and how they are tested (1) focus on young drivers, the Government also said it wanted to create a culture in which the driving test was a milestone towards lifelong learning.

A vital component of that ‘skill for life’ concept will be the development, in partnership with employers, of vocational qualifications for all at-work drivers, but particularly van drivers.

RoadSafe, which manages the Department for Transport’s ‘Driving for Better Business’ campaign, which is aimed at spreading best practice in work-related road safety, was consulted by officials as they compiled the ‘Learning to Drive’ consultation document.

The website www.drivingforbetterbusiness.com provides a one-stop shop of resources for businesses wanting to implement at-work road safety measures. Additionally, a major feature of the programme is its ‘Business Champions’ initiative, which sees organisations that have already adopted occupational road risk management best practice promoting the financial, legal and ethical benefits of safe driving among businesses and other organisations.

The Government (DSA) has published a Consultation Paper called Learning to Drive, which sets out proposals for a major review in the way we learn to drive. The Consultation Paper explains the reason why change is important and how the public can be involved in the process. Further details here.

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