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A Pillars

20 June 2008

IAM has pointed out that recent trends in the structural safety of cars has had a possible downside in terms of driver vision - the increase in size of the ‘A’ pillar which in most cars has become sturdier in a bid to improve the structure of the car as a whole.

In response, car designers have made them thicker. But the A pillar has created a blind spot which campaigners have pointed out obstructs the vision of thousands of drivers; but a study commissioned by UK DFT

found that, while the A pillar can obscure vision, there is rarely only one factor that contributes to an accident. The study found that there was not enough evidence to suggest that changes to current legislation regarding A pillar design would be of benefit. That means the onus is on drivers to cater for possible A pillar restriction.

IAM offers advice on this and more driving tips here