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FSG launches What’s in it for me safety campaign

22 August 2008

Safety-focused Fleet Support Group has launched a major new occupational road risk management campaign targeting fleet managers, company car and van drivers, company directors, trade union officials and shareholders as well as business customers.

Called ‘What’s In It For Me’, the campaign builds on Fleet Support Group’s commitment to fleet safety through its RiskMaster initiative.

This year Fleet Support Group, which manages a fleet of more than 50,000 vehicles, launched iRIS (Integrated Risk Information System) - the next stage in its service that combines highly sophisticated in-vehicle telematics with its long-established RiskMaster programme.

The new thought-provoking campaign asks key stakeholders in a business’s fleet safety strategy ‘What’s In It For Me’: For example:

  • A company director who is responsible for work-related road safety says: “My board has finally woken up to its work-related road safety obligations and all the benefits that follow if it’s done properly. We’re doing this because it is the right thing to do. It’s a win-win. Not a cost, but an investment.”
  • A fleet manager says: “By managing work-related road safety, costs come down. I’m delivering health and safety, we’re helping the environment and keeping our drivers and business safe. I feel I’m playing my part in the biggest single change in the way vehicles and drivers are being managed.”
  • A company car driver, whose employer has introduced RiskMaster, said: “Knowing the company really cares about my welfare makes me feel different. It’s a lot of pressure being on the road but having the company looking out for me is a real bonus.”
  • A shareholder in the business says: “I choose companies to invest in that take their social responsibilities seriously. This includes work-related road safety. I look for a quality ethical investment. Managing health and safety is one area where it can prove to me it takes its obligations seriously. I would not invest in any company that would leave itself open to the possibility of prosecution for negligence.”
  • A union official says: “Despite new legislation to make it easier to prosecute companies for manslaughter, there are plenty of companies out there taking huge risks. I value the safety and health of my members. Managing work-related road safety has a positive impact for them in this area, as well as for the public at large.”
  • A member of the public says: “Death on our roads fills me with horror, especially if children are involved. I want to see action from companies and I want to see it now. I support companies that show they care about the community.”

Fleet Support Group chairman Geoffrey Bray said: “We hope the campaign stimulates more companies into taking their work-related road safety responsibilities seriously. Fewer road crashes, less stress, lower costs, better performance, corporate social responsibility and environmental gains are all achievable.

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