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Fleet drivers reminded about information disclosure to employers

22 August 2008

Risk experts at Masterlease are warning fleet managers that company car drivers who do not report serious health conditions or penalty points could be driving illegally without knowing they are breaking the law.

The fleet management company warns that if drivers fail to disclose important information to the DVLA, particularly about medical conditions, their driving licences could be invalid. There are a number of circumstances where the DVLA can revoke a driving licence.

Gavin Jones, risk management expert at Masterlease, said: “All drivers are required by law to notify the DVLA of any medical condition which may affect their fitness to drive, but many drivers are failing to report this and could be using the roads illegally. When the DVLA is notified of any medical issues, a full investigation is carried out before the motorist is deemed fit to continue with their licence.”

Other circumstances include lack of awareness of the New Drivers Act, which states that a new driver must serve a probationary period of two years when they become qualified. Motorists who accumulate six or more penalty points during the first two years of driving will automatically have their licences revoked by the DVLA.

Mr Jones said: “Many young, newly qualified drivers do not realise that they have to serve a probationary period and therefore fail to surrender their licences if they receive more than six points in that time frame.

“More fleet managers need to be aware of the current laws in place when it comes to surrendering licences and have written policies stating that if drivers do not follow the procedures they are breaking the law and putting other motorists at risk. In the event of an accident the driver’s insurance would be void costing both parties financially, let alone any potential hazards to other road users.”

Masterlease says fleet managers should enforce three steps for a safer fleet:

  • Regularly conduct driving licence checks, which will show if a driver’s licence has already been revoked.
  • Become familiar with medical conditions which would lead to a licence being revoked and refer drivers to the DVLA website for more information.
  • Include in the driver policy that it is the employees’ responsibility to advise the DVLA of any medical conditions and to send off licences for penalty points.

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