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“Respect Our Road Workers”

6 November 2008

The Highways Agency manages one of the busiest high-speed road networks in the world. Because of the high volume of traffic, this brings increased risks to those who work on the network to ensure that it is kept safe and in good condition for millions of road users.

Every day thousands of road workers across the country put their trust in the hands of around 18 million other road users.

Over 4,000 road workers – approximately one for every mile of the Highways Agency’s network – work day in, day out to keep the roads safe and well maintained for drivers.

With their safety in mind a new information DVD, which includes a hard-hitting short film called “Respect”, as well as radio clips aimed at regular commuters (primarily those driving on business) has been developed to remind drivers of the danger.

Visit the HA knowledge pages to find out more.