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Beat the recession and cut crashes and costs with focus on safe drivers

28 November 2008

Risk manage drivers for £4 per driver per month - that’s the offer being made to organisations by Automotional, a new company launched by three road safety experts with more than 75 years combined experience.

And for £48 a year per driver - with no up-front fee and no hidden charges - cash-strapped organisations facing up to recession will at least breakeven on the costs as a result of fuel savings, increased vehicle residual values, cost savings from a reduction in crashes and the promise of reduced insurance premiums, says Automotional.

Fed-up with the current occupational road risk management offerings available from existing suppliers - the trio of Paul Catlin, Andy Neale and Mark Edwards have turned the safety spotlight on to drivers.

Drivers have accidents through lack of concentration, poor observations or poor anticipation. By encouraging drivers to use the tools available on the Automotional website, the company says businesses will be risk managing those employees at the most cost-effective rate available.

After joining the Automotional website community - www.automotional.com - drivers complete a ‘profiler’ and then receive monthly ‘informer’ newsletters. Additionally, over the course of 12 months they complete eight ‘e-learner’ road safety focused modules. The modules, which take around 10 minutes each to complete cover: Town driving, dealing with junctions, motorways and dual carriageways, parking, rural roads, driving on your own, adverse weather and do’s and don’ts of driving in the UK for foreign drivers.

Automotional director and co-founder Mr Neale explained: “On completion of each module, company bosses can drill down and gather a raft of information on their drivers. They will also receive a high-level summary report. Using this data they will be able to implement targeted safe driving interventions with selected employees that we can advise on and provide.”

He added: “The ‘profiler’ also delivers interesting ideas, facts and observations that drivers can take on board as they complete it.

“Drivers will be continually involved with Automotional which means their focus on driving safely when behind the wheel will increase. The frequent engagement of drivers with road safety advice and solutions and not the occasional approach taken by most risk management providers is key to removing death and injury from the roads.”

Membership of the ‘Automotional community’, carries a wide range of benefits including discounted retail services and products, special vehicle finance deals, reduced personal car insurance, safety aids and access to track days and events as well as ‘The Driven Word’ - an online forum for discussing safe driving.

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