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New International Fleet Safety Network Launched

27 January 2009

Commercial vehicles are estimated to account for 14 percent of all motor vehicles in use globally and in low and middle income countries upwards of 32 percent of vehicles in use. Furthermore in developed economies it is estimated that between about one third and a half of all deaths involve a driver who is at work; in developing economies it is estimated that the figure is substantially higher.

As part of its work for gTKP,the RoadSafe team have launched a new interactive on-line forum for use by fleet managers and road safety practitioners in the developed and developing world. Please join the FleetSafe network which showcases good practice in both the private and public sector.

The RoadSafe team behind the project include safety expert, Ken Shaw who is also working on the development of the Fleet Forum guide and a new fleet safety guide for GRSP and Ed James – the communications manager from Driving for Better Business; the web site is powered by Fruity Solutions.