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MPs support initiative to lower £1.6bn cost of at-work road deaths

11 February 2009

MPs of all parties are backing a road safety initiative launched by the occupational driver training division of the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) to cut the £1.6 billion cost of deaths while driving for work.

By completing an IAM Driver Risk Management (DRM) programme to assess and improve their driving, MPs will be setting an example for businesses of all sizes to manage the risks associated with their employees who drive for work, says IAM.

IAM Fleet managing director Seb Goldin said: “Around a third of all road accidents involve people driving for work, and for every death, there is an associated cost to the economy which can total billions of pounds each year. This is not acceptable and is why we are asking MPs to take the lead in reducing the alarming road death rate.”

At the launch event MPs conducted an IAM online risk assessment of their driving - the first step of a DRM programme which identifies aspects of an individual’s driving that need development. From this, a risk rating determines further training needs, ranging from e-learning to personal on-road training to improve driving skills.

Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick is concerned that people who drive for work are over-represented in road casualty figures.

He said: “Managing driving for work is as much common sense as running any other part of a business - training and planning of all aspects of operations go a long way to bringing avoidable costs under control.

“In creating a work-related road safety ethos as part of their existing health and safety policies, employers not only make savings that can be delivered straight to their bottom lines - they also save lives, playing their part in cutting the number of needless tragedies that take place on our roads every day.”

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