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Specsavers launches driver eyesight guide

11 February 2009

To help fleets get to grips with forthcoming new legislation governing standards of eyesight, Specsavers Corporate Eyecare has launched a free ‘Guide to Driving Legislation’.

Set to come into effect from 2011, the legislation sets new standards of vision for commercial and private drivers.

Passed in the European Union Parliament in 2006 and due to be introduced in member states in 2011, the EU legislation will require all commercial vehicle drivers to have their eyes checked every five years, and private motorists checked every 10-15 years.

Mark Raines, director of corporate and retail development for Specsavers, said: “Specsavers welcomes the new legislation as we feel the current situation regarding the testing of eyesight for both commercial and private drivers is simply not strict enough. With increasing numbers of cars on the road, it is vital that a driver’s eyesight is good enough. The current ‘number plate’ eyesight test was devised in the 1930s. Road conditions and the number of vehicles on the road have changed beyond all recognition since then and new regulations regarding drivers’ sight should reflect this.”

Call 01481 232486 for more information or click here for your free guide to driving legislation.

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