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Health and safety still not taken seriously by private hire operators

17 April 2009

Health and safety is a necessary part of the private hire, chauffeur drive and other ‘professional driving’ industries, but some firms are not taking it seriously enough, according to the Institute of Professional Drivers and Chauffeurs (IOPDC).

Adrian Seymour, director of the trade body, believes the huge importance of health and safety legislation doesn’t register with anywhere near the number of operators that it should.

He explained: “It’s vital that more people take seriously these responsibilities, mainly because of potential consequences of not being prepared.

“There are a raft of penalties for companies which have not adequately taken into account the issues involving drivers and vehicles. This includes where an employee’s car is used for business purposes.”

Compelling financial and legal reasons exist for businesses to manage driving activities effectively. For example, a serious accident or breach of health and safety law could result in prosecution. Charges could be brought against the organisation, senior staff and directors, and the result could be not only a legal requirement to carry out improvements, but also fines and prison.”

As a result, the IOPDC believe will announce a new risk management programme for operators in the near future.