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Drivers back tougher penalties for using mobile phones

6 July 2009

Almost one-in-three motorists want six-month driving bans to be imposed on those using mobile phones while behind the wheel, according to a survey by Autonational Rescue, the breakdown services company.

Almost half (43%) of the 1,000 drivers questioned backed a doubling of the current £60 fine for those committing the offence for the first time, said a report in The Times (July 6).

Additionally, 31% wanted to see an increase in the number of penalty points issued for offenders - up to five points rather than the current three - and 14% backed the idea of drivers doing community work if caught using handheld mobiles while driving.

Only 17% of those polled believe the current £60 fine and three penalty points for the illegal use of a hand-held mobile phone is sufficient.

Ronan Hart, marketing manager of Autonational Rescue, said: “It is a serious issue. Every year a dozen people are killed and hundreds injured with the blame placed on drivers using hand-held mobile phones. Anything that can be done to help prevent those deaths and injuries should be considered.”