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Summit attracts over 100 leading businesses

13 May 2019

During Global Road Safety Week a Driving for Better Business Private Sector Summit, for CEOs, Board Directors and Fleet Decision Makers from some of the UK’s leading businesses, was held at The McLaren Thought Leadership Centre in UK.

In his keynote address Darren Lindsay, RoadSafe director and head of Corporate Public Affairs Africa & Middle East and Safe Mobility at Michelin , said: “In 1990 there were 5,000 fatalities on the road and we’ve reduced this by a factor of three. One of the major contributors of this is technology, however, we still have a long way to go to educate road users.

“Sustainable Development Goals are being used by corporate companies as a pole star to look at how they can benefit their business, with SDG 3.6 aiming to reduce deaths by half by 2030, and SDG 11.2 focusing on safer cities. However, there is one area that is forgotten and where we can take a role in leadership is how can we integrate sustainability practices into reporting. If we do not monitor we cannot improve.

“Driving for Better Business is very important for sharing best practice to harness what is important in road safety, and I believe we can all lead by example and be accountable for our actions.”

Jim O’Sullivan, Chief Executive of Highways England who was the host said: “The Strategic Road Network is vital to the country and the performance of some of the country’s leading sectors – such as logistics and freight, retail and wholesale, construction and manufacturing.

“We expect drivers who use our roads for business to have the highest standards of driving and compliance. There is no doubt that their companies have a role to play in this, not just for their own employees but right through their supply chains and business networks.”

Full details of the summit are here.