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Tech not tests key to keeping older drivers safe

29 January 2020

Release from the RAC Foundation.

With now more than 5 million older drivers in Britain, offering higher levels of intuitive in-car technology to older drivers is likely to be more helpful in keeping them safe on the road than any system of mass retesting.

There are already 5.5 million driving licence holders in Britain aged 70 or over.

This is 41% more than the 3.9 million licence holders in the same age group back in 2012.

A review for the RAC Foundation of global research relating to older driver safety says that driving requires strength, co-ordination, good eyesight, flexibility, attention, memory, decision making and judgement, all of which can be affected by age-related decline, hence increasing risk.

The study was carried out by Dr Julie Gandolfi of Driving Research Ltd.

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