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THINK! drink drive Christmas campaign results

14 April 2016

The Government campaign, ButAlive, launched in December 2015, focussed on the danger of drinking a second drink before driving.

Research with the target audience (males 18-34) showed that they are often confused by the limit and instead set their own perceived safe limit of 'a couple’ of drinks. Often they do not see their behaviour as drink driving. Therefore, this campaign message ‘a second drink could double your chance of a fatal collision, THINK!’ aimed to specifically address the behaviour of our target audience.

The results are as follows:

  • There were statistically significant shifts in the perceived safety of drinking one and two drinks before driving and unacceptability of driving after two drinks.
  • There was a 6 percentage point increase in strong disagreement that it’s safe to driveafter one drink. Perceived prevalence and acceptability of driving after one drink remained stable.

An area that was less positive was with ‘risky drivers’ (those who claim to drink two or more drinks before driving). Whilst post-campaign, they were more likely to agree that 2 drinks could put you over the limit, they didn’t necessarily consider this to be more dangerous. This is unsurprising as their attitudes and behaviour are more entrenched so it is unlikely that they will be influenced with one burst of activity. The

The hope is that their attitude will change over time and that they will be influenced by the wider social unacceptability of drinking two drinks before driving.

Key results from the pre and post campaign survey.

Full set of results.





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