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Be safe when changing a wheel at the roadside

31 October 2016

Making a good job of changing a tyre comes from experience and familiarity with the equipment and processes. GEM Motoring Assist is encouraging drivers to consult their owners’ manual to ensure they know where to find the equipment carried, the locking wheel nut if appropriate, and where to attach the lifting jack.

Safety tips for dealing with a flat tyre at the roadside include:

  • Switch on your hazard warning lights.
  • Make sure the ground is level and secure before jacking your car.
  • If it’s safe, place a warning triangle to alert other drivers to the hazard your vehicle might be causing.
  • Check at least one of the other wheels.
  • Follow the steps laid out for your car in the owners’ handbook.
  • Don’t attempt to change a tyre (or carry out any other repair, however simple) on a motorway hard shoulder. Always call for professional breakdown assistance