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Company car and van drivers at higher risk, says Drive Tech

27 November 2019

Story from Fleet News.

Road Safety Week revealed nearly a third of drivers claim to have experienced a collision or near miss in the past year, but risks are significantly higher for fleet and at-work drivers, according to DriveTech.

Part of the AA, the specialist in fleet risk and safety management, and driver training, says fleet drivers cite ‘pressure to meet schedules’ as the main reason for taking risks on the road.

A momentary lapse in concentration caused by distraction or fatigue is all it can take for a seemingly ‘small’ or ‘every day’ risk to result in a fatal accident, says DriveTech.

At-work drivers are:

  • 48% more likely to drive while fatigued
  • 40% more likely to tailgate
  • 40% more likely to commit undertaking errors
  • 25% more likely to commit junction errors
  • 15% more likely to drive while distracted

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