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Enhanced Vehicle Safety Fact Sheet

23 July 2018

Thanks to major innovations and progress in automotive safety, new vehicle systems and advanced technologies are increasingly available. The proposed new accident avoidance systems, including Advanced Emergency Braking and Emergency Lane Keeping systems, can prevent accidents. These new features depend on key-enabling technologies for autonomous driving.

The European Commission has adopted a proposal for a regulation oto achieve a paradigm shift in standard vehicle safety equipment together with other passive and active safety improvements . These reduce accident-related injuries and better protect vehicle occupants, pedestrians and cyclists. We’re also improving car crash tests. Moreover, trucks will require detection systems as well as improved and enlarged windscreens and side windows. This eliminates blind-spots and reduces accidents involving pedestrians and bicycles.

The new proposed measures will address societal issues such as speeding but also texting and 'apping' behind the wheel. All in all, the proposed new vehicle safety measures are crucial to improving overall road safety.

Full details are available here and a helpful Factsheet can be downloaded here.