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Advanced braking reduces crashes

26 June 2013

New and advanced safety technologies are considerably broadening the automotive safety landscape. These systems have already saved many lives and reduced both high and low speed crashes.  They are now standard on many cars and are options on many others.

Fleet directors and managers need to understand one such system - Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) a technology which enables a vehicle to avoid a low-speed car-to-car impact, which would typically lead to substantial vehicle damage or claims for whiplash injuries, or mitigate a high speed crash reducing injury and damage.

Most manufacturers now have an AEB system, a FCW (Forward Collision Warning), or both, on offer or in development. The availability of these systems as standard is constantly increasing and is not merely restricted to premium models. Thacham has more information to show which UK vehicles now have AEB (or FCW) fitted either as standard or as an option.

Euro NCAP Advanced aims to provide car buyers with clear guidance about the safety benefits offered by these new technologies. A list of some advanced safety systems recently developed by car manufacturers is available here.