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Guidelines help fleet managers support older drivers

14 October 2019

Story from Road Safety GB.

Commercial fleet operators are being encouraged to give more consideration to the mental health of their drivers – with academics warning a poor state of mind can increase crash risk.

Evidence suggests male dominated workforces – such as the haulage and logistics sectors – are among the hardest hit by the effects of poor mental health.

To help combat this, mental health is an important element of a new set of guidelines, which have been made available to help managers support the older professional drivers within their organisation.

The guidelines, developed by the Age, Health and Professional Drivers’ Network (AHPD Network), focus on 10 areas of health and wellbeing which research has identified as ‘significant’.

The guidelines also cover physical health issues including healthy eating and obesity, which can lead to medical conditions that also impact on road safety, such as sleep apnoea.

To download the best practice guidelines please click here.