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Make reducing fleet maintenance costs your New Year resolution

8 January 2018

Stroy from Driving for Better Business

Many employers still don’t fully realise how much their bottom line can be impacted by poor management of those who drive for work.

If your drivers are involved in collisions then there are the obvious damage repair costs and increases in insurance to worry about. Then there are less obvious costs such as additional management and admin time, replacement vehicles and staff absence which generally add up to more than four times the repair costs.

But let’s assume your drivers your drivers don’t have many collisions – might you be tempted to think its not worth bothering with?

The cost of poor driving can still have a significant impact on your fleet running costs and the potential safety of your drivers and other road users even when your drivers don’t appear to be damaging your vehicles. Unnecessary speeding, overly harsh braking and accelerating, and harsh cornering can all add significantly to your vehicle maintenance and fuel costs.

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