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How to really change driver behaviour with telematics

11 February 2019

The combination of telematics data and a behavioural risk profile will give an in-depth understanding of the motives contributing to an individual’s driving style. This enables one to move beyond making assumptions about a driver’s speeding motives for example, towards the delivery of precision targeted interventions.

Dr Lisa Dorn, Research Director at DriverMetrics® explains, “Because it is driver behaviour in response to work related demands that need to change, these interventions do not need to focus on skills acquisition. Fleet drivers are often sufficiently skilled to drive safely but choose not to due to work demands and personal characteristics. Instead, we need to coach drivers to influence their motives and behaviours behind the wheel when driving for work.”

DriverMetrics® recommend one or more of the following approaches to changing high risk behaviours:

  • eLearning
  • Insight into Action™ Workshops
  • Driver Coaching

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