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Intelligent Parking: A Tale of Five Cities

25 June 2019

Story by Evgeny Klochikhin for Predict.

Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities. By 2050, the UN projects that figure will increase to about 70%.

Whatever the actual percentage ends up to be, one thing is uncontestably true: all of those cars and people will exert a heavy burden on our mobility systems and infrastructure.

We can see the precursors of this nightmarish scenario in action today. Traffic and pollution already constitute major societal challenges that demand smart solutions. If we can’t figure out how to address the needs of our rapidly growing urban centers, such pain points will only continue to become more acute and widespread ad nauseum.

Conversely, and most fortunately, mobility also represents some of the most fertile ground for innovation. Visionary thinkers and doers work each day to build a smarter future for our cities, employing the vast (and still largely untapped) power of data, sensors, and the Internet of Things as tools of the trade.

What’s more, intelligent parking isn’t just something that’s stuck in some distant, perpetual future. Cities, far-flung across the corners of the globe, are implementing people-focused solutions that are effective today. They include:

  • San Francisco, United States
  • Singapore
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Santiago, Chile
  • Sydney, Australia

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