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Massive reduction in crashes and costs for Arval and Iron Mountain fleets

24 January 2018

Arval and Iron Mountain are two of Driving for Better Business’s longest standing business champions, having been involved with the campaign since it started 10 years ago.

Both companies have recently updated their case studies showing dramatic reductions in both collisions and costs.

Vehicle leasing company Arval UK has been highly focused on managing those who drive for work for 10 years now and has achieved the following benefits:

  • Collision rate DOWN 67%
  • Repair costs DOWN 82%
  • Third party claims DOWN 84%
  • Annual costs DOWN £180,000

Tracey Fuller, Arval’s Engagement Manager and Road Safety Ambassador said, “The most important impact our fleet safety programme has, is that it reduces the road risk of our drivers, all staff involved in our initiatives, and ultimately helps to improve the safety of the communities around us. However, there are clearly additional benefits that we realise such as a reduction in costs, an increase in driver satisfaction and a lessening of our environmental impact. We are proud of our activity and the knowledge that we are not only meeting our Duty of Care requirements but going above and beyond to truly influence the safety of all road users.”

Data management company Iron Mountain has had their programme in place for 9 years and has achieved the following benefits:

  • Incidents DOWN 87%
  • Damage costs DOWN 78%
  • Vehicle maintenance costs DOWN 30%
  • Speeding DOWN 92% (from Telematics data)
  • Notices of Intended Prosecution (NIPs) DOWN 79%

The work-related road risk management programme that Iron Mountain has in place has been rightly recognised throughout the industry as being best in class. The ongoing improvements in the collision and claim rates are a testament to the excellent work that Head of Logistic Support, Rory Morgan and his team are doing on a daily basis – the results speak for themselves.

You can read a more detailed case study for each of these programmes here.

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