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Malaysia Announces Electronic Stability Control Legislation

29 November 2016

The Malaysian government today announced its intention to legislate for the introduction of electronic stability control (ESC) on all new vehicles by June 2018.

The announcement was made by the Malaysian Minister of Transport during the launch of Stop the Crash ASEAN which took place today at the Sepang F1 Circuit in Malaysia.

ESC, an anti-skid technology that can prevent loss of control crashes is widely considered to be the most important car safety development since the seat belt. ESC has been mandatory in both the EU and US since 2012 saving thousands of lives.

The announcement took place at Stop the Crash, a Global NCAP led partnership which has been campaigning around the world to promote crash avoidance technologies. The ASEAN event demonstrated ESC to participants which included government officials, policy makers, consumer groups, and fleet managers. Other technologies on display included three forms of Autonomous Emergency Braking, Motorcycle ABS, Tyre Safety, and Blind Spot Detection.

At the same event Subaru, Mazda, Ford and Volvo pledged to equip all cars with ESC by January 2017, ahead of ESC regulation in Malaysia