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UN supports the call for a Decade of Action for Road Safety

3 September 2009

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has encouraged member governments to “support efforts to establish a decade of action” in a report on global road safety to the UN General Assembly.

In his report which can be read here, Ban Ki Moon also encourages member states to pay attention to building lead agency capacity and to addressing risk factors such as inappropriate and excessive speed, drink and driving, the non-use of seat belts and child restraints and the non use of helmets, and to improve vehicle safety standards and infrastructure safety. He also acknowledges “the importance of the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility as a means to increase the resources needed to address road safety in low and middle income countries”.

RoadSafe is a full member of the Private Sector Road Safety Collaboration mentioned at paragraph 19 of the report and provides the road safety theme for gTKP as part of the capacity building programme.