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Missiles cause death on the motorway - new report

17 December 2009

A new report issued by Autoglass shows that:

- One in four motorists have suffered from a missile hitting their vehicle
- 81% of motorists have seen people throwing objects into the road during the last five years
- 89% of motorists haven’t reported incidents they’ve seen to police

Autoglass® is calling for motorists to act responsibly and report the youngsters who hurl objects at vehicles to the police, after research shows a staggering 89 per cent never report what they’ve seen, despite one in four of us suffering from this potentially fatal craze.

The Autoglass website shows film footage from new testing at MIRA (formerly the Motor Industry Research Association), showing just how catastrophic the damage is when a brick collides with the windscreen of a typical family car, will in the future encourage motorists to call the police.

The new report highlighting the problem is available here