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New ESC Test results

29 April 2010

For the first time, Euro NCAP has now published data on the effectiveness of cars’ Electronic Stability Control systems. The new 'effectiveness' results follow last year’s changes to Euro NCAP’s tests, which now include the fitment of stability control as part of the overall safety rating for any car.

Euro NCAP carried out “sine-with-dwell” tests (double lane-change manoeuvre at 50mph under the control of a steering robot) according to the ESC GTR global technical regulation, which is based on the US regulation FMVSS 126.

The tests were completed on all cars whose results were released in 2009. For cars that allowed the ESC system to be switched off, tests were carried out with ESC ON and OFF. Cars were tested by undergoing multiple runs, sometimes as much as 60 per car, each time increasing the steering angle and input. To rate each car, the operators record whether it is responsive to the steering and whether it is skidding or spinning. Video clips of the tests can be found on Euro NCAP's website. The clips show the first ESC "OFF" test where the car span out. The ESC "ON" test is the one with the same steering input.